Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Zukes's Mini Naturals Healthy Moist Training Treats, Delicious Duck Recipe, 6-Ounce / New favorite treat for training, dog likes them better than the roasted chicken recipe

My dog loves the Zuke's mini Naturals roasted chicken recipe treats. I usually use them for obedience training, as they are small and only 3.5 calories per treat.

I've ordered the new Zuke's mini Naturals delicious duck recipe treats when I saw them on Amazon. My dog really likes these new treats but I wanted to see which ones she actually likes better. So I did some pseudo-empirical testing. When I held one of the roasted chicken treats in one hand and a duck recipe treat in the other hand, my dog would always take the treat from my right hand, no matter which flavor I held in my right hand.

After the inconclusive results of my first experiment, I knew I had to change the design of the experiment to reach a conclusion. So I lined the treats up in a straight line and randomly set duck and chicken treats next to each other. Once my dog was allowed to eat them, she ate the duck treats first and then ate the chicken treats. Therefore, I conclude that the duck flavor is her new favorite.

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